Mike Molenda

I am a digital content creator with a strong interest in technology and a diverse history of creative projects. I have a keen attention for detail, a history of taking the lead in hands-on roles, and a knack for applying critical and creative thinking to my projects.


In 2017, I completed my Master's degree in Information Systems at Northwestern University. My specialization in Internet and Database Technologies focused on Web application development, database design and administration, data science, and big data management.


I come from a creative background in film and video production, having worked as a video editor for the better part of a decade. This has given me not only strong visual communication and design skills, but also organizational skills (a must for editors!) and a sharp attention to detail.


Click below for samples of my work, or see what I've got in progress on GitHub:



I am classically trained in the world's most popular programming language. Specifically when it comes to creating Java-based Web applications.

Web Programming

In addition to Java, I have experience with writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including Node.js and Express.js on the server side.
I know a little bit of PHP, too (Have you checked out my contact form? Hint, hint.)


I am skilled with relational database design for traditional database managment systems like MySQL and Oracle, and also newfangled NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Cloud Computing & Big Data

I've configured applications on AWS and Heroku. I can configure a Hadoop cluster (and had a paper published about it!)
I know how to use Python, NumPy, and Pandas for data analysis.

Multimedia Production

I started my career in film and video production, and am well-versed in shooting and editing HD and 4K video, and using creative tools like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

General Nerdery

I edited this page in Emacs, and I am pretty handy with other command line tools, too. I am learning to brew my own beer. I have built something with Legos on at least one occasion in the past year.

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